Timber Floor Finishing

With floor polishing/finishing the possibilities are endless. We are highly skilled at applying Tung oil, Polyurethane, Solid oil finishes, Wax finishes, and water based urethane coatings. We can also hand stain, Lime wash or even paint your floor. With so many options available you do not have to settle for the colour of your tired old existing floor.


Polishing/Finishing Services

With floor finishes the possibilities are endless. From the very formal high gloss polyurethane finish to the natural matt finish of the latest waterbased urethanes, there are so many options. We are highly skilled in the application of waterbased finishes,Tung oil, Solid oil finishes, as well as the more traditional wax finishes, hand staining and lime washing. At Woodmill we keep up to date with all the latest products and finishes, by constantly researching and retraining we stay at the top of the industry. We rely heavily on manufacturers keeping us up to date with new products and the application of their products the exact way they specify.

Indeed the possibilities are endless and you no longer have to settle for the colour of your existing old timber floor. Whether its a light tinting or a deep hand staining we can dramatically transform a tired old plain floor into a major showpiece, adding great value to your property. At Woodmill we pride ourselves on customer service and satisfaction by spending the time to discuss the timber floor, and by doing on-site samples of stains and finishes on your floor where you can view the sample under your lighting day and night, you make the decision that you will be happy with for years.

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